Strangely Normal Help

List of help topics.

Why does it keep asking about the security certificate?

Security Certificates are a slight monopoly situation, the Certificating Authorities have to persuade the browser writers that they are good eggs. The Certificating Authorities who have done that charge $200 a year for a security certificate.

The security certificate only enables your browser to exchange encryption keys with the website so that traffic can be encrypted between the SN server and your browser. We use 2048 bit encryption, which is the same as Google uses, so we reckon our level of security is adequate. We don't ask for any bank details or your password for other sites, so it doesn't really matter that you get a message saying your data is insecure because the stuff you send to and from SN isn't relevant when it comes to have someone alter your Facebook.

Why aren't there any groups?

Groups are divisive and exclusive. One of the principles here is all is easy to find and everyone is made to feel included. There isn't the traffic yet to justify any form of diluting of the boards and it saves a lot of time not having to go through multiple groups just to see what is happening.

One of the problems with groups is group owners. They come, they go, they start groups without checking if a similar group already exists, they don't control the posts in relation to the aims of the group. How many groups do you need for single people in the Glasgow Area? You would think one would be enough. There is a site which has five groups aimed at singles in Glasgow.

There are plans to implement tags, so you can search for threads relevant to things like "dating" or "whips".

How do I add an event?

There are two ways to add an event:
1) Go to the Boards page and click the Add Thread button.
2) Go to the Calendar page and click the Add link for the day of your event.
Then on the CreateThread page select from Munches or Boards as the board and fill in the details for location and date/time. Do not forget to include all conditions of entry for paid events.

Why are there so few gender choices?

The choices are limited to stop it becoming important. Unless you are a couple select the gender you wish others to think you are, usually the gender on your passport.