Strangely Normal Acceptable Use Policy

Updated on 30th June 2013.

Legal Age may only be used by those aged 18 or over.

Legality of Content
You may not upload material (text or images) which is considered illegal under English or Scottish law.

You may not upload any material portraying children (text or images) no matter how innocent.

You may not upload any material protraying real or imagined animals or real or imagined corpses which could be perceived to be in an erotic context.

You may not use StrangelyNormal to infringe copyright. You may only post or upload material to which you own the copyright, have express permission from the copyright holder — usually the creator of the work — is stated as being copyright free or is out of copyright.

By posting material you are granting StrangelyNormal a non exclusive right to publish that material on the StrangelyNormal website for the period that material is on the website. You may delete that material at any time.

No flaming. They are Discussion boards as we expect discussions. Arguments may occur from time to time but please try to keep it civil. Attack what people have said, and not who or what they are, nor how they have said it. Try not to make it personal. Do not call people names.

Personal Correspondence
You may not publish private communications or extracts from private communications without the permission of the writer on Strangely Normal. This includes, but is not limited to, communications sent by:

memo, e-mail, instant messenger or letter.

Use of Strangely Normal
You may not use Strangely Normal to commit or commission crimes under Scottish or English law. You may not use Strangely Normal to defame, stalk or harass individuals, groups or organisations.

Multiple profiles
You may maintain multiple profiles, only when each of those profiles is included in your list of Other Profiles, found in the sidebar of your profile page. Adding the name of one of these profiles will cause a link to be created between your profiles.

Deleting a profile will cause it to be removed from your Other Profiles list. Reactivating the profile will cause it to reappear.

Data Protection and Privacy
Strangely Normal does not collect identifying information about its users. The only information we hold on a user is their e-mail and backup e-mail addresses. We do not store IP Addresses

All passwords are held in a hashed format. We have no way of recovering your password from the hashed text we store. If you forget your password you will have to reset it using the reset password link on the Login page.

We will only ever use your e-mail address to aid password recovery. We do not send out unrequested e-mail.

There is a single cookie generated when a user signs in, it contains a random string of characters generated to identify a user at the start of a session. There is no other information stored in the cookie.

Discussion Boards
The language of this site is The Queen's English, not text speak. This is not a democracy, nor is it a haven for free speech. You have a voice on this site because we grant you one.

As StrangelyNormal is legally considered to be a publication and as such part of the media, all the laws of Libel, Contempt of Court etc apply, especially Section 2 of the Contempt of Court Act 1981. (A substantial risk of serious prejudice can only be created by a media report when proceedings are active. Proceedings become active when there is an arrest, oral charge, issue of a warrant, or a summons.) What this means is please do not make any comments on ongoing legal proceedings, unless you are reporting exactly what has been said in court. There are no exceptions to this rule

Strangely Normal agrees with the adage that Your Kink Is OK (YKIOK) so long as it fits in with the AUP of the site.

Do not start threads replicating a currently discussed topic. You may start a new thread if it is different in some way.

Do not start a thread with nothing more than a link. A link to something off site should be used as a useful addition to your post and not the entirety of it. A description of where it goes and what people can expect to see or read when they click on the link would be useful, along with a reason why you want people to see or read it.

You may delete any post that is not the initial post in a thread. You may also delete the initial post in a thread, thus ending the thread, if there has been no reply to it.

Do not alter the meaning of your initial post in a thread once someone has replied to it.

Do not misquote. When quoting you may not alter the meaning of what has been said, though abbreviating the quotation to the part of the text to which you are making your reply is encouraged.

Do not make a post advertising your commercial service or item unless someone in the same thread has already asked about it.

Anyone may request of the Moderation Team that a thread be closed or removed. Please give the reason why you would like this done.

Do not post only to antagonise people. If all you do is start controversial threads to upset or get a rise out of people, then we would prefer you go elsewhere to do it.

Do not bring disputes onto this site from elsewhere. If the argument started elsewhere, keep it there.

Hijacking threads
The default position is that threads on the discussion boards should stay on topic. We understand that drifting from the initial post may occur, especially as subjects are brought up during the discussion but please try to make replies on the boards somewhat relevant to the suggested topic and at least relevant to the Board used. Any person may request of the Moderation Team that multiple irrelevant posts be deleted to tidy up the thread and make it easier for others to stay on course.

Personal Ads
You may place a personal ad in your weblog once in any six month period providing the title of that weblog starts with the words: Personal ad. The only other place you may place a Personal Ad is within your profile, either in the text of that profile or by activating your Ad. If you activate your advert it will show in a Personals Search.

You may not post personal ads on the boards.

Professional BDSM Services
You may not use the boards, weblogs, listings or memo facilities to promote professional BDSM services, ie Pro Domming or Pro Subbing.

BDSM events may promote themselves through event posts and listings.

Promoting BDSM Events
BDSM events may promote themselves through board posts and listings, provided the following conditions are met:

For any event which has a fee to attend, all conditions of entry must be listed. Eg: price, dress code, membership requirements etc. Pay for play events may not be promoted under any circumstances.

For free events no entry requirements need to be listed.

You may not promote an event which discriminates against any group having any of the protected characteristics listed in the Equality Act 2010.

You may only create one thread or listing for your event.

Other Commercial Advertising
You may not promote your service or business on the boards unless:

You are responding to a post made by someone, not connected in any way to your business or service, in the last seven days and that post is relevant to your service or business.

If you are occasionally selling some of your second hand BDSM or fetish related possessions on somewhere like eBay you may list them in a weblog. By occasional we mean less than once a month.

Spamming is the sending of memos to multiple other users with whom you have had no prior contact. Sending a few unsolicited memos is perfectly acceptable as there are cases where it is allowed, eg responding privately to a post someone has made, or contacting them because they have a personal ad. What is not acceptable is mass memoing of potential partners or memoing people to promote an event or service.